Monday, December 6, 2010

Chapter 3.4 Linear Programming

My chapter 3.4 project is on Linear Programming. My question is Jim wants to buy cupcakes for the class. He only has $200 and wants to buy both the strawberry cupcakes and blueberry cupcakes. However, the cupcake box is only 120 square inches. The strawberry cupcakes takes up .12 square inches while the blueberry takes up .4 square inches. Each type of cupcake cost $0.50 and he only has $200 to spend. Write the constraint and graph the feasible region. What I need to do first is to write the constraints so they are S is greater than or equal to zero, B is greater than or equal to zero, 0.12S + 0.4B is less than or equal to 120, and 0.5S + 0.5B is less than or equal to 200. I would graph each of the separate constraint and after finishing graphing, I would combine them all together where the shaded line is at. This would make my feasible region. I would the find the 4 vertices of the feasible region which is at (0,0),(300,),(400,0), (200,220).

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