Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ch 6 project: Curve Fitting with Polynomial Model

I used Yahoo Finance to find the opening values for my stock Walmart Stores Inc. and for the index S&P500 using the day January 5 for the years of 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2004. I would then plug the numbers into my calculator to see which regression had Y 1 closer to. It was closer to quartic so I used that equation. Then I plugged in the years 2002, 2005, 2008, 2010 & 2011 to get those prices. I later did the same with the index.Using this method doesn't help to find the actually price of the original one. In some years, it may be around there, but many years later it will be too much money. So its not as accurate as the original price.

2002- Many people were very stunned of the 9/11 attacked. A lot of people would’ve bought food and maybe some clothing to keep themselves warm and alive. They have to pay for their homes too so Walmart did help people. People eventually bought a lot of things from here to try to fix up their lives.

2005 – Tax had increased so they had to pay more when they bought things. Things made the index and store get a lot more money from the tax people kept spending. They usually bought a quite amount so tax made them pay just a little bit more.

2008 – The stock decreased because many people were losing their jobs. People kept on losing their jobs throughout the year and it kept continuing until the end of 2008. The index increased from having a lot of other networks to get help and support if they ever needed something.

2010 & 2011 – After the stock market crash, people were getting their jobs back slowly so everything is lightening up a little. People would then try to save up their money to prepare for things like this. People want to live a good life and not have to worry about major problems like this

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ch7 project: Mapping Your Future

In this project, I somewhat mapped out my future. I started by planning which college I go to and how to pay for the college. I researched online to find financial aids and scholarships. Luckily, I was able to find many financial aids that would help me deduct the costs. However, when I applied into graduate school, I had problems with money, so I had to borrow student loans. The after that, I became a history professor, but I had to pay my loans ASAP and so I saved hard to pay them before the interests increase. Luckily, through the whole course I was able to find transportation (bus) and my parents allowed me to live under their roof for free until I finished paying off my student loans.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ch 7 how to make a budget

Career: Psychiatric Aides
          College: UC Davis
          4 year tuition: $120,540
          Parent savings: $300 a month for four years, $14,400
          Summer Job: UC Davis store
                             -$9 per hour
                             -3 hours a day
                             -$3780 for 4 years
Scholarships for college:
  •, i qualify because i am a U.S citizen and is a high school student, $1000
  •, high school student, $2000
  •, 25 and under, $1000
  •, sophomore and i can write essays $3000
  •, high school student, U.S citizen, and planning to go to college, $1000
  •, high school student, U.S citizen, $5000
  •, high school student, $2500
  •, under age 20, $18000
  •, low income, $2000
  •, sophomore, $1000
  •, U.S citizen, high school, $5000
  •, min 3.0, high school student, $10000
  •, U.S citizen, Asian, $6000
  •, U.S citizen, $10000
  •, Asian, U.S citizen, $4000
  •, U.S citizen, high school sophomore, $4400
  •, U.S citizen, resident, $5000
  •, U.S citizen, $25000
Medical School
        UCSF- $30481 per year
        3 years- $91443
        part time job during school- Jamba Juice
  • $9 per hour
  • $9360 per year
  • working 20 hours a week
  • $28080 for 3 years
  • I can loan $26978.26
Scholarships for medical school
  •, high school student, $100000
  •, U.S citizen, $25000
  •, U.S citizen, $20500
  • St. Helena Hospital Mental Health
  • Annual Salary: $46,570
  • Health Benefits: paid vacation, medical
  • Retirement Plan: 10% monthly salary
  • $1275 1 bedroom- Cherry Ave at Almaden Expressway
  • bus pass, bus back and forth, $53.00

Ch 7 How To Make A Budget

Choose a career

Starting Annual Salary: $92,200

Choose a college & Pay

1. College: San Francisco State University (SFSU)

2. Tuition for 4 years: $140,360

Medical School:
UCSF School Of Medicine
Tuition for 4 years: $75, 052

3. Paying for college:
- Job: Barnes & Noble
Hourly Wage : $10.18
Salary : $20,364

- Scholarships:
AXA Achievement Scholarship = $10,000 - Eligibility: U.S. Citizen & in high school
Free Scholarship = $1,000 - Eligibility: In high school
Bay Area Council Scholarship = $5,000 - U.S. Citizen
California Masonic Foundation Scholarship = $10,000 - U.S. Citizen
Education & Leadership Development Program = $6,000 - Asian American
Haratio Alger National Scholarship = $20,000 - U.S. Citizen
Rosewood Family Scholarship Program = $4,000 - Asian American
Easy Bay College = $2,500 - GPA above 3.0
Sample Award Package = $14,000 - Getting accepted to college

- Financial Aid: Grants:
Cal Grant A = $4, 884
Cal Grant A & B Competitive award = $7,788
Pell Grant = $5,550
I am eligible for these grants because I attend high school and I plan on going to college. Also, because my GPA average is above the 3.0 mark.

My Student Loans :
Monthly payment of $609.82. I will pay it off in 10 years.

Registered Nurse Practitioner
Annual Salary: $87, 397 - $140, 598
Benefits: Medical plan & Retirement plan
Since I attend medical school, I will have some experience and will meet their standards.

Place To Live:
Apartment in Ingleside:San Francisco (Few minutes away from SFSU)
Rent : $850. Utilities included in monthly payment

Bus to & from work / school
Clipper Card - $60

Ch 7 Future Planning by Thanh La

For this Ch7 project we were supposed to plan our future after high school. I began by choosing the career of Clinical Counseling and School Psychologist. I will be living in Oakland California and work for the Oakland Unified school district. My Beginning Salary would be $39,300, indicated by the upper red circle.

But Before that, i will be going to a 4 year university after high school. I will go to UC Berkeley and get the Cal Opp. Scholarship because Oakland High school is part of the Partnership with the program and i am in financial need. The other reason is that i did really well in Oakland High so i was recognized.

So after my getting my Bachelor's degree at Uc Berkeley, i will go to Oxford University in England, a Grad school that offers the Rohdes Scholarship that pays for everything, and i would qualify for this scholarship because i applied for Oxford University and the only i have to pay for is the flight ticket going there, and coming back after 2 years which is an estimate of $1,500-2000 for both tickets which my dad agreed to pay for.

After getting my Degree for School Psychologist, and coming back to CA, I begin my job at Oakland Unified School district at Wes Lake Middle school. My beginning Annual Salary is $39,456.20 and i will be given Vision and Life insurance benefits for which i have to pay 30 dollars a month while my benefits pay for the other $420, also i would have to pay 100 dollars for union dues after taxes every month. My pension will be 300 dollars for retirement per month before taxes, so i would have to deduct $84.

For Convenience i will be living at lake shore in a 1bed room apartment for $1488 every month with the amenities of cable ready, washer/dryer in unite, ceiling fans, spacious closets, dish washer, and microwaves. I will have a clipper card for 80 dollars a month to catch the bus to work everyday and to other places, such as markets with unlimited usage. With all of my utilities, clothing, food and miscellaneous expenses with out having to pay off any loans, i get about $8,000 left over a year. i deposit $300 a month for my savings i will get this.
my savings account would be with Bank of America with the interest rate of
1.35 compounded per month, and i would begin saving at the age 24, right after i get my masters.

CH 7 Project

Ch 7: How to Make a Budget

Career: Nurse Midwife
School: Undergraduate School: Stanford University. (4 years)
-Tuition: $154,800/ 4 years ($38,700 per year)
-Room &Board: $47,504/ 4 years ($11,876 per year)
-Campus Health Service Fees: $2,004/ 4 years ($501 per year)
-Personal: $8,000/ 4 years ($2,000 per year)
-Books & Supplies: $5,940/ 4 years ($1,485 per year)
Total of 4 years: $219,248
- My parent earn less than $60,000 a year, so Stanford wouldn’t charge for anything except personal. ( )

Graduate: UCSF Medical School
- Tuition:$121,924/ 4 years ($30, 481 per year)
-Book & Supplies: $5,940/ 4 years ($1,485 per year)
-Personal: $8,000/ 4 years ($2,000 per year)
Total of 4 years: $135,684
-Planning to live with my step mom who lives in SF. Not required to pay for anything.
- Financial Aids
- Student Loans: $135,684 ( I will pay in 10 years )
-Job while in school:
Jamba Juice
- $8 per hours ( Part time job )
- 8 hours per day:
- Total per month: about $1,920
- Summer Job Internship:
- $10.00 and hour
- 10 hours per day
- Total per month: $3,000
- Parent saving: $300 per month
- Transportation:
- Clipper card: put $50 per month
- Life time job after school: Nurse Midwife
- Kaiser Permanente - Harbor City, CA
- Median Salary: $99,813