Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ch 7 Future Planning by Thanh La

For this Ch7 project we were supposed to plan our future after high school. I began by choosing the career of Clinical Counseling and School Psychologist. I will be living in Oakland California and work for the Oakland Unified school district. My Beginning Salary would be $39,300, indicated by the upper red circle.

But Before that, i will be going to a 4 year university after high school. I will go to UC Berkeley and get the Cal Opp. Scholarship because Oakland High school is part of the Partnership with the program and i am in financial need. The other reason is that i did really well in Oakland High so i was recognized.

So after my getting my Bachelor's degree at Uc Berkeley, i will go to Oxford University in England, a Grad school that offers the Rohdes Scholarship that pays for everything, and i would qualify for this scholarship because i applied for Oxford University and the only i have to pay for is the flight ticket going there, and coming back after 2 years which is an estimate of $1,500-2000 for both tickets which my dad agreed to pay for.

After getting my Degree for School Psychologist, and coming back to CA, I begin my job at Oakland Unified School district at Wes Lake Middle school. My beginning Annual Salary is $39,456.20 and i will be given Vision and Life insurance benefits for which i have to pay 30 dollars a month while my benefits pay for the other $420, also i would have to pay 100 dollars for union dues after taxes every month. My pension will be 300 dollars for retirement per month before taxes, so i would have to deduct $84.

For Convenience i will be living at lake shore in a 1bed room apartment for $1488 every month with the amenities of cable ready, washer/dryer in unite, ceiling fans, spacious closets, dish washer, and microwaves. I will have a clipper card for 80 dollars a month to catch the bus to work everyday and to other places, such as markets with unlimited usage. With all of my utilities, clothing, food and miscellaneous expenses with out having to pay off any loans, i get about $8,000 left over a year. i deposit $300 a month for my savings i will get this.
my savings account would be with Bank of America with the interest rate of
1.35 compounded per month, and i would begin saving at the age 24, right after i get my masters.

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