Monday, December 6, 2010

Ch. 3.4 Linear Programming

For Ch. 3.4, I created my own word problem. Here's the word problem:
Jack is planning to cover the floor with tiles that's up to 500 square feet. He will use two color of tiles: white tile and green tile. Each white tile will cover 5 square feet. Each green tile will cover 10 square feet. Each tile costs $3.00, and Jack must spend less than $800. Write the constraints, and graph the feasible region.

Let w = the number of white tiles, and g = the number of green tiles.

My constraint are:
5w + 10g
3.00w + 3.00g

My vertices are:
(0,0), (50,0), (0, 267), (125, 141)

First, I wrote all my constraint out and graph them separately. After that, I combine all the graph together to get my feasible region. Then I would find all the vertices (Look above).

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