Monday, December 6, 2010

Ch. 3.4 Linear Programming

For my chapter 3 project on Linear Programming, I created and
graphed my own word problem. Kayley is planning to make a garden that would be 30 square feet. She only want to use pink and blue flowers. Each pink flower takes up 2 square feet. Each blue flower takes up 3 square feet. She only has $100 to spend on the flowers. The pink and blue flowers cost exactly the same, $5 each. Since the garden only have a certain amount of space and there is a money budget, my constraints are the following : P is less than or equal to 15, B is less than or equal to 10, 2p + 3b is less than or equal to 30, and 5p + 5b is less than or equal to 100. I graphed each constraint on separate graphs, so there are 4 individual graphs. Then I created one final graph that represents everything. This makes my feasible region. My vertices are (15,0) , (0,10), (0,0) & (20,20). On the picture above, my first constraint is pink, my second constraint is blue, my third constraint is purple, my fourth constraint is green, and my final graph is all of the constraints that creates the feasible region.

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