Monday, December 6, 2010

Chapter 3 Project: Linear Programming

For the Chapter 3 Project: Linear Programming, I created a word problem by myself. The question was that Jacky needs some floor tiles to cover his new house's floor that is 300 square feet. He plans to use two kinds of floor tiles:white floor tile with peony decoration and golden floor tile with rose decoration. Each floor tile costs $6.00, and Jacky's budget is less than $600. Write the constraints, and graph the feasible region. First, I wrote the constraints which were x≥0, y≥0, 2x+6y≤300, and 6x+6y≤600. Then, I graphed each inequality that showed the picture I posted. Next, I solved the inequalities. I got that if x=0, y=50; if y=0, x=100; and if x=75, y=25. Finally, I graphed the feasible region which was quadrilateral with vertices at (0,0) , (0,50), (100,0), and (75,25). All the steps I have done was posting above.

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