Monday, December 6, 2010

Ch 3.4 Linear Programming

The title of my project is “Cookie Monster’s Cookies”. My problem is: Cookie Monster is planning to buy cookies from the Cookie House on Sesame Street. However, Cookie Monster’s cookie box only has 300 square inches. The Chocolate Chip Cookies are 0.6 square inches and the Sugar Cookies are 1 inch. Both the cookies cost $1.25. Cookie Monster wants to buy both types of cookies. Unfortunately, he only has $500 to spend. First, I write out the constraints of the problem, which is: C is greater than or equal to 0, S is greater than or equal to 0, 0.6C+ 1S is less than or equal to 300, and 1.25C+ 1.25S is less than or equal to 500. Then I graph each of the constraints individually. Next, I combine all the graphs onto a single graph, and I have my feasible region. Lastly, I find the vertices based on the graph, and it is: (0,0), (0,400), (300,0), and (150,250).

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