Monday, December 6, 2010

Ch 3.4 Linear Programming

I choose “Lolly Pops!” as my project title. My problem is: Jane is making lollypops to raise money for her students. She needs at most $20 to split it evenly and fairly between her students. She will make chocolate and vanilla lollypops. Chocolate lollypops are $2.50 and vanillas are $5. It cost her $3 to make chocolate and $2 to make vanilla. She can’t spend up to $12. Next, I write my constraints, which is:
1. X is greater than or equal to 0
2. Y is greater than or equal to 0
3. 2.5x+5y is less than or equal to 20
4. 3x+2y is less than or equal to 12
After I write out my constraints, I graph each of them separately. Then, I combine all the graphs into one graph and there is my feasible region. Lastly, I would find the vertices of quadrilateral that is created by the feasible regions, which is : (0,0), (4,0), (2,3), and(0,4).

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