Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Graphing Functions

The Graphing Function I chose to do was y=x^2. First off, I made y=x^2 at the origin (X-Axis 0 and Y-Axis 0) since this is where it starts . Secondly , I made a transformation which is the vertical translation by 3 units by 3 units up and the equation would be y=x^2 +3 (Red). I would then start from the original function to make a horizontal translation 5 units to the left so it would be y=(x+5)^2 (Blue). Next, I would do a horizontal-vertical translation which is moved to left by 5 units and up by 3 units so it would be y=(x+5)^2 +3 (Green). Starting from the beginning again I made a vertical reflection x-axis and its function would be y=-x^2(Purple). Lastly, I made a horizontal, vertical, and reflection translation from the start to get y=-(x+5)^2+3 (Black).

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