Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ch1 Real World Functions

For our real world function, my partner sharmane and I chose 9th grader's, in Ms.Abernethy's 3rd period class, 1st period classes. Our Independent Variables are the students. And the Dependent Variables are the 1st period teachers. Our Domain are the 9th grade students' names. {Christine, Sharmane, MinYing}. And the Range are the 1st period teachers' names. {Ms.Gao, Ms.Citragno, Mr.Tam}. For our graph to be a function each student must only have one 1st period student. An example is that Sharmane only has Ms.Citragno as her 1st period teacher. When our graph is not a function it must mean that the counselors messed up someones schedule and gave them 2 different 1st period classes. That means they would have 2 different teachers. For example, if my schedule said that I had Mr.Tam and Ms.Gao 1st period I would be confused and not know which class to go to. It also means that my schedule could not be a real schedule.

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