Sunday, October 10, 2010

Graphing Functions

The Function i chose to graph was y=x^2. First, i graphed y=x^2 at ( 0 , 0 ) because that's where the original functions starts. Then i made a transformation to it which is Vertical Translation up by 4 units and the equation would be y=x^2+4 (Red). Then i would go back to the original function and made a Horizontal Translation left by 9 units and the equation is Y=(x+8)^2 (Blue). And Again, i would start back from the beginning and made a Horizontal-Vertical Translation 9 units left and 4 units up and the equation is y=(x+9)^2+4 (Green). I Then made another transformation called reflection across the x-axis who's equation is -y=x^2 (Purple). And lastly i made a Horizontal-Vertical-Reflection across the x-axis and i got -y=(x+9)^2+4 (Black) as the equation.

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