Sunday, October 3, 2010

Graphing Function CH1 By Zekai Function

The graphing function I did was y=³√x which was drawn in black. Then I did a vertical translation by 2 units which shifted up by 2 units and the equation was y=³√x +2. It was drawn in red. Then I showed a horizontal translation by 4 units which shifted to the left by 4 units and the equation of this function was y=³√x+4 . It was drawn in blue. Then I performed the combining vertical and horizontal translation which was drawn in green. In this translation, I shifting 4 units up and 4 units to the left. Its function became y=³√x+4 +4 . Then I did a reflection across the y-axis which was drawn in purple. Its equation y=-³√x. Lastly, I did a combining translations and reflections which was also drawn in black. In this function, I made a reflction across y-axis and shifted up by 2 units. Its equation became y=-³√x +2.

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