Sunday, October 3, 2010

Real World Function

 By:Princess Jazzmyn Geometry
This is me and my partner's world function for Chapter 1. We decided that we should pick a unique topic so we came up with numbers and words, how many letters are in each word. A function is when there is only one y-value for every x-value. The opposite of a function is a relation, or when there are more than one y-value for every x-value. Our independent variables are the different types of words. Our dependent variables are the amount of letters in each word. our function domain are the different types of words(friction,mineral,lucid,identified, phone,cake,destiny,facade,polygons and flower). Our function range are the number of letters in each word(8,7,5,9,5,4,7,6,8 and 6).Our function fails when a word has the wrong amount of letters, because if one spells a word and leaves out a letter than the word is spelled incorrectly therefore our function is a relation.

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