Sunday, October 3, 2010

Real World Function Ch1 by Thanh Quotient

This assignment is about graphing functions and relations with 2 variables for a real world situation. A relation is set of order pairs (x,y), with input values (x) pairing output values (y). In a function there is exactly one y-value for each x-value; a relation is a function if it pass the vertical line test on the graph. In the reasonable graph for our real world situation, the value of variable depend on the other variable. So the domain(x-value) is the independent variables and the range(y-value) is the dependent variables for our graph.

We worked in pairs for this project, and me and my partner MinYing Zero decided to use Classroom Numbers at Oakland high as our real world example. Every time we walk into a classroom a classroom we find a teacher per classrooms, and when we walk into other classrooms we find other teachers. We then walk into different multiple classrooms and find that it is true for each trial that every classroom has different teacher. This situation is known as a Function. But say you are not familiar with a teacher's classroom number and you ask a student walking to class and you don't feel like saying their full last name, and so you say “hey where can I find Mr. B's class room?” and the student you are asking says “uhmm his class room is in 215.” But little did the student walking to class know that you were really asking about Mr. Brights classroom BUT he gives you the room number to Mr. Brooke's classroom. So you walk into Mr. Brooke's classroom and find that this is the same teacher as the other Mr. B's room. In this case, there are two possible outcomes for each Mr. B's classroom you ask for. Therefore, this would be called a relation.

By Thanh Quotient

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