Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ch 1. Real World Functions

We are Team Pie, (Johnny & Melinda). For our real life function project, we chose to do animals and their habitats. The domains would be: {goldfish, camel, monkey, nemo, frog} and the ranges would be: {freshwater, desert, jungle, saltwater, swamp}. The independent variable is the type of animal and the dependent variable is their habitat. For this relation to be a function, each animal would have their own habitat. For this relation to not be a function, an animal would have to live in a different habitat, one that they couldn’t survive in. So, if the monkey decides to live in the saltwater for some reason and died because it couldn’t get used to that kind of habitat, it wouldn’t be a function. It wasn’t a function when the vertical line test was tested upon the graph because it passed through 2 points.

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