Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chapter 7 How to do Make a Budget

Career : Food Preparation Worker

Starting only at 10%

I'm going for UCLA for college.

Tuition(includes room, school textbooks, etc...) for 4 years = $108,380

Paying for College:
Parent Savings = $16000

Job at summer for Ebayc

Salary:$15.50 an hr
, $1860 = for the 24 weeks during the 4 years

Part time Job during school

15 hrs a week for $12 per hour , $21,600 for 4 years


Qualifies for having at least 2.0 GPA, is a citizen, and can find a co-signer that is U.S

Qualifies for having minimum GPA 3.5+


Qualifies for being in high school or soon to be college $1000

Qualifies for residence and college is at C.A and studying biology and Environmental Science $5000

Qualifies for being able to preparing for a career in state and local government finance $5,000

Qualifies since I can complete a 4 year college / university $7500

Qualifies for going to first year of college, and GPA of at least 3.0 $2000

Qualifies for being enrolled for 4 year college and will complete it, Completing the survey, and giving advice for college $10000

Qualifies for being a US Citizen and is resident of CA $10000

Based on my salary, I should borrow no more than $29,032, so I am eligible to borrow money from student loan bank.

Paying Back Student Loan within 10 years oweing $30987

Job is at Starbucks

$10 an hr , 9 hrs a day , $43,800 yearly
401k plan is at 15%

Insurance: medical, prescription drug, dental, vision, life, disability
Retirement savings plan, plus many more bonuses.

Lives in Vacaville , Fairfield 131 Gable Ave CA 95688

House cost $800

Transportation by foot approximately 14 minutes away from work at Starbucks.

Vehicle transportation approximately 4 minutes away.

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