Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ch 7 Budget Plan

For this project I choose the career of interpreter and translator. The university I want to attend is Stanford; the 4 years tuition is $154800, room fee is $26800, board is $20704, and also the books cost about $5940. according to, a change in Stanford financial aid program said students whose family's earning in a year that is less than $100000 do not need to pay for tuition, also if it is less than $60000 then room and board fees will be waive. Since my parents income didn't exceed these 2 amounts, I am qualify for this financial aid program. The book fees that is left behind can be pay by my parents.

After university, I will also take a online medical interpreter training program that is based on the standard of International Medical Interpreters Association.

According to, I have to pay $585 for Fast Tract one-time fee and $110 for taking the challenge exam. My parents also agreed to pay the tatal of $695 for me.

This is the salary chart for the career I choose: The place I want to live in is a studio at Daly City, CA. The rent is $975 per month (water and garbage included). I will ride the bus for transportation with a bus pass purchase at $80 per month.

Work: medical interpreter/translator in San Mateo Medical Center in california.


Retirement Plan: 401K

Every month I am estimate to have $705 left over.

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