Friday, January 28, 2011

Graphing Function CH1 By Princess Geometry

For my graphing I chose to do y=x^2 at the origin (x-axis 0 and y-axis is 0). Second I made a transformation which is the vertical translation 4 units up making the equation y=x^2+4(purple). Then I started from the original function and made a horizontal translation 5 units to the left making the equation y=(x+5)^2 (Pink).Next starting from the original function I did a horizontal-vertical translation 6 units left and 2 units up, making the equation y=(x+6)^2+2(Red). Starting from the original function again I graphed a vertical reflection across the x-axis, making the equation y=-x^2(blue). The last one I graphed was a horizontal-vertical,and reflection translation 6 units to the left and 2 units down, making the equation y=-(x+6)^2+2(orange)

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