Thursday, December 16, 2010

3.4 Linear Programming

For my project I chose amusement parks. My problem is: Donny wants to build an amusement park that will cover at least 800 square feet. He will have two types of rides in his amusement park:roller coasters and kiddy rides. Each roller will 40 square feet. Each kiddy ride will cover 20 square feet. Each ride cost $200 and Donny must stay within his budget of $8000. Write the constraints, and graph the feasible region. Let r be roller coasters and k be kiddy rides. First I write the constraints which are: r is greater than or equal to zero, k is greater than or equal to zero, 40r plus 20k is less than or equal to 800, and 200r plus 200k is less Than or equal to 8000. Then I graph each constraint in an individual color. After that is established , I combine all the graphs onto one which is called a feasible region. I finally, find the vertices which are: (0,0), (40.0), (20,40), and (0.40).

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