Tuesday, October 5, 2010

David Continuous

Title: Hello, My name is David Continuous and I'm currently a Junior is OHS.
Background: My Ethnicity is Asian. Some schools I've attend was Lincoln Elementary School, Edna Brewer Middle School and now Oakland High School. I'm currently volunteering for a library out in Castro Valley during Tuesday for at least 1 hr, 2 hrs tops. The things i do for volunteering are usually shelving books, dvds, and help people that needed to be help.
What I want to be: When I grow up I really wanna be a Police officer because i think that line of work is really interesting and fun. Helping people is fun only when they are in a good mood and also i might be so helpful that i would get recognize for my work.
Interests: I really like running , running is my of sport. I usually run Lake Merritt every Wednesday but recently i had a lot of stuff in my hands and didn't run for a really long time. :[
I hope i run soon though. :)

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