Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ch 1 Graphing Functions

By: Maryam Integers

In this graph, I used the parent function of x to the second power (graphed in the color black). This graph has many transformations. They include vertical translation (red) which is when I moved the graph 3 units down (y=x^2-3), horizontal translation (blue) Which is when I moved the graph 4 units left (y=(x+4)^2) , vertical + horizontal translation (green) when I moved the graph 3 units down and 4 units left (y= (x+4)^2-3), vertical reflection across the x-axis (purple) when I flipped the graph upside down (y= -x^2) , and vertical + horizontal reflection across the x-axis (also black) which flipped the graph (y= -(x+4)^2 +3)upside also. When you perform a reflection across the x-axis the points on the y-axis change.

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