Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ch 1 Real World Function Project

By David Alg2
Equals(David Alg2 and Michael Negative)
This is our Real World Function Project for Ch 1. We learned in our class about functions and relations. We had to choose a real world one to graph for our project. Me and my partner, Michael decided to choose Tv Remote as our real world function. For our project the independent variable was the buttons in the remote. Our dependent variable was all the different channels. Our domain was all the buttons and range was the channels. Our function fails when you press 1 or any number and goes to any channel that is not suppose to go to. It happens if the Y value(channels) contain more than 1 when we use the vertical test. We prove that it is not a function most of the time, because they're are a lot of tv channels depending on the cable you have.

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