Thursday, September 30, 2010

CH 1 Graphing Functions

-Top picture is what I did.
-Bottom picture is what me & my mom did during back to school night.

1. I first sketched out the function y=√x (Square root) as you can see in black. Then, I sketched a vertical translation moving 6 units up along the y-axis in red, and the equation was y=√x+6. After that, I sketched a horizontal translation moving 10 units to the left along the x-axis in blue, and the equation was y=√x+10. Then I sketched out a vertical and horizontal translation moving 10 units left and 5 units down in green, and the equation was y=√x+10-5. After that, I sketched a vertical reflection across the x-axis in purple, and the equation was y=-√x. Last, I sketched a transformation by using vertical and horizontal translation and the reflection across the x-axis to reflect the original function across the x-axis and moving it 1 unit left and 1 unit down which came out to y=-√x+1-1 in black (not the original function).

2. First off, she ask me what is she doing. I told her graphing functions. Well, it was hard translating in Chinese to her. But after I did the original functions, I taught her step by step on how to graph the functions. She then understood and started to graph as I told her to. At the end of the night, she learned how to graph function.

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