Thursday, May 5, 2011

For my chapter 7 project I was asked to plan my future budget. The school that I chose to attend was UC Riverside, and after UCR I would attend University of the Pacific to earn my teaching credential. After earning my teaching credential I would work as an English Instructor at Glendale Community College where I will make an annual salary of $54108. During this time I would also be renting an apartment in San Fransisco.

My Career
For this project I choose to be an English Teacher
Wage for English teachers in California at 10% is $42,900
Wages for English teachers at 10% throughout the U.S. is $33700

College and how I will pay for it.
1. The College that I will attend is UC Riverside
2. Tuition for four years will be $99, 364
3. How I will pay for college?
A. Parent Savings: N/A
B. Summer Job: N/A
C. Scholarships:
a. Upward Bound- $500 to $100 I have been in the Holy Names Upward Bound program since my freshmen year.
b. Best Buy- $1000 U.S. citizen and a high school student.
c. Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Scholarship Awards- $1000 to $5000 full-time study, 4 year college, and any undergraduate study.
d. General College Scholarship- $1000 to $5000 U.S. citizen, high school student, and Hispanic American.
e. Lilian and Samuel Sutton Education Scholarship- $2000 U.S. citizen and have an interest in being a teacher.
f. Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Award- $4400 U.S. citizen, financial need, and a 3.0 or higher GPA.
g. Unment Need Scholarship Program- $1000 to $3000 U.S. citizen, minimum GPA of 2.5, and financial needs.

My Student Loans
Financial aid loans $ 24852.21 and I will pay in 10 years.
How much can I afford to borrow from student loans?
Based on a salary of: $26.01 Hourly
$4509 monthly
$54108 annually
I should borrow no more than $35442.87

Finding My Job
The job opening that I found was at Glendale Community College in San Rafael as an English instructor.This jobs salary is $26.01 per hour which means I will be making $4509 monthly
and $54108 annually. This job does include family and domestic partner medical, dental, and a vision
plan, also employee life insurance.

I found an apartment in San Fransisco for $850 per month. There is public transportation
near this apartment which would also be very beneficial.

To get to work I will be using public transportation. I will get a clipper card in oder for me to ride the
public bus, the clipper card that will cost me $80 per month, and I will also be using bart which will
cost me another $50 per month.

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