Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CH 3 How to Build a Model of the Three Dimensional Coordinate System

You will build a model of the three dimensional coordinate system. Write a clear explanation of what you did using math vocabulary words. See An Example Student's 3-D model.

1. Form a group of 8 people.

2. Choose a section:
1, x, y, z
2. -x, y, z
3. -x, -y, z
4. -x, -y, -z
5. x, -y,z
6. x, -y, -z
7. x, y, -z
8. -x, y, -z

3. Choose an linear equation in 3 variables from the book.

4. Build your corner of the model. Show your calculations on the model. Take photo of your corner.

5. Put your model together with the 7 other people in your group.  

6.  a. Take a photo of your corner in the model.
     b. Take a photo of the entire model.

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