Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Linear Programming

Project 1. My question is : Emily is planning to make a school mosaik that will cover up to 300 sq ft. She will us etwo types of material: Pebbles and Tiles. Each pebbles will cover .6 sq ft. Each tiles will cover 1 sq ft. Each material costs $1.25 sq ft, and Emily must spend less than #500. Write the constraints and graph the feasible region. So first I have to write down the constraints, which is T is greater than or equal to 0, P is greater than or less than 0, .6p + 1t less than or equal to 300, and 1.25p + 1.25t less than or equal to 500. Then i graph each of the constraints by itself. Then i combine everything and find the feasible region. So my feasible region is (0,0) ,(0,400) (100,300) and (300,0).

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