Thursday, December 9, 2010

3-D Graph

For my 3-D project, I built model of a 3-D coordinate system. The coordinate system consisted of 8 parts:
  • (x,y,z)
  • (-x,y,z)
  • (x,-y,z)
  • (-x,-y,z)
  • (-x,-y,-z)
  • (x,-y,-z)
  • (x,y,-z)
  • (-x,y,-z)
Our group chose the equation 3x+4y+2z=12. Since I had Section 4: (-x,-y,-z), I had to convert the original equation by plugging-in the negatives. So my new equation would be: -3x-4y-2z=12. In order to graph this, I had to find the x, y, and z-intercepts. To find this, I plug in zero, and solve for one of the variables. Then do the same for the others. The intercepts were: (-4,0,0),(0,-3,0),(0,0,-6).
After I was done with my part. Our group put together each section according to the system and it turned out like this.

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