Friday, November 26, 2010

CH2.7 Linear Curve Fitting Model By, Thanh Quotient

For my Ch. 2 Project of Linear Curve Fitting Model, My Car model was the Fusion Ford 2011. I needed to find the mileage when the speed was at (55,60,75,80,85,90), as a result, i got the numbers that corresponds the order, the numbers i had were (17,18.5,20,21.6,23,24.7). First i Plotted all of these points and i soon found that this graph had a strong positive correlation, positive correlation means positive slope. After i had my points plotted, i sketched a line of best fit. I then chose the coordinates (55,17) and (65,20) and i then used the slope formula and found that my slope was .3. I then used the slope to find the equation by using the point slope formula and then got Y=.3x + .5 and entered the formula in my graphing calculator, after that I plugged it in with all of my points entered in my stat plot i then found the correlation coefficient to be .9997842645. The correlation coefficient of r tells us how strong the correlation is. The equation i found after finding the correlation coefficient for Y was Y= .3x + .1257. Next, i needed to find the mileage for a speed of 55mile per hour, i plugged 55 in X variable of my equation. After that i found the Speed of a mileage 28, i did it by plugging in 28 in my equation again, but this time the Y variable and found that the speed was 92.9 miles per hour.

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