Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ch 2 project-Mercedes McLaren

For my chapter 2 project, I chose the Mercedes McLaren. First, I find mileages for speeds {55,60,65,60,75,80}, which is {16,15.5,14.7,13.3,12.3,11.5}. Then I made a graph of all the numbers according to the data and it comes out with a strong negative correlation. Then I chose (15.5,60) and (16,55) and use the slope formula to find the find the slope, which is -0.1. Next, I use the point slope formula to find the equation of two points, which turns out to be y=-0.1x+21.5. Then I use the graphing calculator and graph the data and find the line of best fit with its equation and correlation coefficient. The correlation coefficient is -0.992104599 and the equation is y=-0.1914285714x+26.8047619. If the speed of the car is 55 miles per hour, then the mileage would be 16.27619047 miles per gallon. If the mileage is 28 miles per gallon, then the speed would be approximately 25 miles per hour.

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