Monday, October 4, 2010

Ch1 Real World Functions

For our real world function, my partner Christine and I chose 1st period classes in Ms.Abernethy's 3rd period Algebra2 class. By doing this, we found out 1st period classes of 9th graders in Ms. Abernethy's 3rd period class. Listed down their Name, Subject, and Teacher for their first period. Our independent variable are the students. Our dependent variable are their teachers for 1st period. For our Domain, we used the 9th grade students names. {Christine, Sharmane, MinYing}. For the Range, we used the teachers for their 1st period classes. {Ms.Gao, Ms.Citragno, Mr.Tam}. For this to be a function, only one student can have one teacher for 1st period. For example, Christine has only Ms.Gao's science class for first period. For this NOT to be a function, one student would have more than one class for 1st period. For example, the counselor messed up Christine's schedule and she'd have both Ms.Gao AND Mr.Tam for 1st period. This will not work out because she wouldn't know which class to go to.

To test if this is correct, we used the vertical-line test on the graph. If there are two points or more for one student (the vertical line), then the relation is NOT a function.

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