Monday, October 4, 2010

CH 1 Real World Functions

-Top picture is a function
-Bottom picture is a relation

So me & my partner Ashley (Team AAT) decided to do our real world functions on movies that are played in theaters. For our independent variable, it was the movies that was played in the theaters. For our dependent variable, it was the number of movie theaters that the movies was played in. Our domain, which is the movies are {Despicable Me, Alice In Wonderland, Inception, Toy Story 3, Iron Man 2, Eclipse}. The range, which is the number of movie theaters are {3,602, 3,739, 3,792, 4,026, 4,390, 4,468}. A graph is a function if for every x value, there is exactly one unique value of y.
So the top picture is a function because for every movie, there is a specific number of movie theaters that played the movies. A relation is basically the opposite of a function, so that makes the bottom picture a relation, because 100 more theaters were built and the theater specifically played Eclipse. Also it did not pass the vertical line test.

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