Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ch 1 Real World Function Project

By Michael Negative (Team Equal)
Period 3
Our real world function is tv remote and the tv channels. The remote buttons are the inputs and the tv channels are the outputs. We are doing 10 channels. For this relation to be a function, for every button it has to go to a channel arccording to the number button. Button 1 goes to channel 1, button 2 goes to channel 2. For it to not be a function, a button can have a chance to go to another channel oter than what its suppose to go to. For example button 1 goes to channel 1 and 11, that would not be a function. The domains are all the buttons and the range are the channels. Most of the time it's not a function because it depends on what cable you have. Different cables channel 5 are different channels

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