Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ch 1 Real World Function Project

By Lan Denominator
(Team Expressions)
Period 3

This is our Real World Function project for Chapter 1. We chose to use the number of calories in different types of sodas for our project. A function is function when there are only one y-value for every x-value. A function is not a function when there are more than one y-value for every x-value which is also called a relation. Our independent variable are the different types of sodas and our dependent variable are the number of calories in the sodas. Our domain are the sodas and our range are the number of calories. Our function fails when the sodas are in different container sizes and the amounts in the container. Some containers contains 12 oz. of soda and some contains 20 oz. so the number of calories will be greater or lesser if the container is bigger or smaller for each type of sodas which also means that there are more than one y-value(# of calories) for every x-value(types of soda) so therefore it's called relation so our function failed.

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