Friday, October 1, 2010

Ch 1: Graphing Fuctions

First thing I did was draw the function y=3√x (Square root). Then I drew a reflection across the y-axis, making the function y=-3√x (square root) in purple. Then I drew a vertical translation which moves the equation 3 units up in red and the equation was y=3√x+3. Then I drew a horizontal translation in blue, moving the function 4 units to the left along the x-axis and the equation was y=(√x=4)3 (exponent). Then I drew out a vertical and horizontal translation moving 4 units left and 3 units up in green, and the equation was y=(√x=4)3 (exponent) + 3. Last function I drew was a transformation in black by using vertical and horizontal translation then the reflection across the x-axis to reflect the original function across the x-axis then moving it 4 units left and 3 units down. The equation was y= -(√x+4)3 (exponent).

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