Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ch 1 Graphing Functions

Note: Graph one is my mother's
Graph two is mine

1.) The graphing function I used was y=x^2 (black) it crosses the x-axis as shown on the graph. Then I decided to graph the reflection (purple) y=-x^2. For a reflection all you do is graph the opposite of the original function that's why x is negative. Next is the vertical translation (red) this one crosses the y-axis. The function for this is y=x^2+3 all you do for this is move up 3 making it vertical. For the horizontal translation (blue) y=(x+4)^2. For this transformation a positive 4 is graphed on the negative side. on the other hand, if it were to be a negative 4 then it would be graphed on the positive side. Next for the vertical and horizontal translation (green) y=(x+4)^2+3. This transformation is actually easier then it looks, first you move over 4 (negative x-axis) and then shift up 3 (y-axis). Finally for the vertical, horizontal and reflection translation i graphed y=(-x+4)^2+3. the x is negative because it is a reflection but is also shown drawn on the y and x-axis.

2.) This is what my mom came up with at back to school night. It seems she was confussed because I explained the instructions vaguely and then told her to start drawing. But I actually did a good job explaing hoe to graph transformations because she dre the graph better than me.

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