Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Donald Polygon

My name is Donald Sun. I attended Lincoln Elementary and Edna Brewer middle school. Last year I attended Aypal the whole year, which gave me about 80 hours of community service. I'm not sure if thats alot or not.. Aypal is basically a program that fights social injustice like all the -isms, Racism, Heterosexism. When I grow up, I actually want to attend UCLA hoping to major in business and financing. But since the economy in the U.S is so bad, i've been rethinking about this. If I do get into UCLA, i want to eventually be a C.E.O for a major company, or the job below the C.E.O so I dont have that much things to deal with! My hobbies are gaming and eating, because gaming satisfies everybody, simple as that. Eating, well you cant describe how well eating is, because its just that great.